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Meet The Team

Mike Wopperer

Director of Operations

In 2019, Mike’s introduction to the concept of co-working sparked an interest in the idea of collaborating with like-minded individuals in a flexible and innovative workspace.

As an insulation contractor, Mike quickly recognized the potential advantages that a flexible workspace could offer to contractors like himself. The opportunity to streamline overhead costs in a cyclical industry while maintaining the ability to scale the business in response to construction cycles was a game-changer. However, existing coworking spaces in Western New York did not provide the industry-specific resources necessary for his business operations.

Determined to bridge this gap, Mike translated his vision into reality by founding The Plan Room. As the first of its kind co-working space in WNY, The Plan Room is designed to cater specifically to businesses and individuals within the construction industry, offering a tailored environment equipped with the resources and support needed for success. Mike’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to empowering construction professionals have paved the way for a unique and thriving co-working community at The Plan Room.

AmyRae Nessa

Community Manager

As the current Director of Sales and Marketing at The Construction Exchange of WNY, AmyRae brings a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to her role as Community Manager at The Plan Room, where she plays a pivotal role in nurturing our building community.

In her capacity as Community Manager, AmyRae is responsible for engaging with existing and potential members to ensure their needs are met and their experience exceeds expectations. She is also in charge of running fun social events that foster collaboration and connection. AmyRae’s unwavering passion for the construction industry and her commitment to forging strong relationships make her an indispensable asset to The Plan Room team.

Jenn Van Dusen

Director of Programming

In her current role as the Workforce and Education Director at The Construction Exchange of WNY, Jenn leverages her extensive experience in workforce development and education to spearhead our programming initiatives for members.

As the Director of Programming, Jenn takes on the responsibility of overseeing and coordinating the Construction University classes offered at our site. Drawing upon her expertise in workforce development and education specific to the construction sector, Jenn is committed to providing our members with valuable learning opportunities. Her unwavering dedication to professional growth and development positions her as a cornerstone of The Plan Room team, ensuring that members are equipped with the skills and knowledge essential for success in the construction industry.

Joe Benedict

Management Committee

Joe currently serves as the Executive Director of The Construction Exchange of WNY, where he plays a pivotal role in overseeing day-to-day operations and collaborating with staff to uphold the association’s mission of providing information, advocacy, education, and communication for the construction industry.

In his capacity as a member of the management committee at The Plan Room, Joe will contribute his wealth of experience and expertise to help guide the overall direction of our organization. With a deep understanding of the construction industry and a commitment to excellence, Joe brings valuable insights and leadership to our team, ensuring that The Plan Room continues to thrive as a hub for collaboration and growth within the construction sector.

Chris Wopperer

Management Committee

Chris currently holds the position of Vice President at Thermal Foams Inc, a prominent family-owned business that has been proudly serving the Eastern United States and Canada since 1959. Specializing in manufacturing Molded Polystyrene foam and Engineered Insulated Panel Systems, Thermal Foams, Inc. is also recognized as one of the area’s largest stocking distributors of insulation and cushioning materials, as well as Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems products.

Bringing a wealth of industry expertise and leadership to the table, Chris’s role on the management committee involves contributing his broad knowledge and strategic insights to help steer the overall direction of The Plan Room. With a strong commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation within the construction industry, Chris plays a crucial role in guiding our organization towards continued success and growth.

Open Desk Coworking

Surround yourself with like-minded contractors, designers, tradesmen and tradeswomen who share your passion for innovation and progress. The Plan Room is your hub for networking, brainstorming, and teaming up to take on exciting projects that are shaping Western New York. Choose from any available desk or workspaces located throughout the building.

Coworking Monthly Membership – $225/month or $25/day

Private Team Suite

A workspace that combines functionality with flexibility—fully furnished and move-in ready with flexible terms for 7 – 10 people. Team suites provide dedicated space—each featuring its own private office(s) and numerous workstations.

Team Suite – Starting at $3,400/month

Private Offices

Scale with ease—Private offices range in size to accommodate one to six people so that you can swiftly scale your operations up or down and better navigate those cycles. Private offices are completely move-in ready and fully furnished including desks and chairs, high-speed internet, daily cleaning and all utilities.

1 Person Office – Starting at $435/month

2 Person Office – Starting at $870/month

3 Person Office – $1,380/month

4 Person Office – Starting at $1,760/month

6 Person Office – $2,550/month

Dedicated Desk

Remain part of The Plan Room community but have your own desk, chair, privacy screen, and locker.

Dedicated Desk – $295/month